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Trump: 10 thousand people coming to the United States from three countries, Trump told the army – if you have stone pellet, shoot it

United States: In search of employment and good life, Latin American countries, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, caravans of about 10 thousand people are heading towards the United States. To prevent them, 15 thousand troops will be deployed on the US-Mexico border. In the meanwhile, Donald Trump said that if the crowd potholes, then the army should not hesitate to shoot them.

Will not open fire
Trump said that the US military will not firing illegal immigrants. He is the responsible army of a country. But people shed stones on the army, as they did in Mexico, the answer would be given to the bullets. There is no difference in running stones and bullets.

According to Trump – these immigrants carry stones in violent ways. They did the same three days ago too. Many soldiers were injured due to this. If they do pats, the military will answer it.

Trump also raised the question that after a country (Mexico) can not stop these immigrants? While it should be stopped before the caravan leaves.

15 thousand troops will be deployed on the border
To prevent the caravan of 10 thousand people on the American border, 15 thousand soldiers will be present. Trump had earlier talked about the deployment of 5,200 soldiers so that there could be help in legal procedures.

Now there are about 5,800 soldiers, including 2,100 soldiers of National Guard on the Mexican border. This mission has been given the name of ‘Operational Trusted Patriot’.

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