1000 and 500 rupees

Modi government has accepted – 1000 and 500 rupees ban was bad decision .

1000 and 500 rupees: The entire opposition, including Congress President Rahul Gandhi, has been taking the Modi Government on the verge of a cancellation decision. Now with this statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, the opposition can get another issue against the central government.

From 2016, Modi government continuously in Discussion from ban 1000 and 500 rupees. The opposition declares this decision as unfortunate and the government tells it beneficial. But the Union Ministry of Agriculture’s Ministry has said in a report that the ban on farmers had a bad effect.

In a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Finance Ministry attached to the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture has acknowledged that due to lack of cash, millions of farmers could not purchase seeds and fertilizers for sowing in Rabi season. Which had a great effect on them. The Ministry of Agriculture has submitted a report to the Parliamentary Committee on the effect of the ban on bondage.

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Farmers can not buy seeds / manure

The Agriculture Ministry informed the committee that when banbans were implemented, the farmers were either selling their kharif or sowing of rabi crops. At such a time, farmers are in dire need of cash, but due to the shortage of cash, millions of farmers can not buy seeds and fertilizers.

Government seeds are not sold too(1000 and 500 rupees ban was bad decision)

The Ministry of Agriculture has even said in its report that even large farmers had to face difficulties in providing farm work and meeting the needs of agriculture. The Ministry said that due to the shortage of cash, about 1 lakh 38 thousand quintals of wheat seeds of National Seed Corporation were not sold.

However, the government later allowed the use of old notes of 1000 and 500 rupees for the purchase of wheat seeds. It has been said in the report of the Ministry of Agriculture that even after this government’s exemption, there was no special increase in the sale of seeds.

Labor Ministry praised

However, the Labor Ministry, in its report, praising the note-taking in front of the committee, said in the report that there was an increase in employment data in the post-quarters.

In the meeting, MPs of the opposition asked tough questions to officials of Ministry of Agriculture and MSME. Many MPs wanted to know that the government had information about the report of lakhs of people being employed after the ban on bondage?

Tell that the chairman of this committee is Congress MP Veerappa Moily. The members of the committee have 31 members, including the chairman. Members include former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

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