15 workers stranded in mine

15 workers stranded in mine: Air Force’s aircraft will leave with 20 highpower pumps, navy divers will also go

15 workers stranded in mine: In the Jayanti Hills district, 15 workers are stranded in illegal coal mine for 15 days. The water in the mine is filled. To get rid of it, an air force aircraft has left with a 20-hepawar pump on Friday. Apart from this, 20 members of the Fire Service team from Odisha have also left for the rescue operation. Navy divers have also been rushed to the rescue operation. The water was flooded on December 13 in the depth of about 350 feet deep, during which workers were stuck in it.

Pump out 1600 liters of water in a minute(15 workers stranded in mine)

Fire Service Director General BK Sharma said that the aircraft of the Air Force has left with the rescue equipment other than the Hype pumps. These pumps have the capacity to throw out 1600 liters of water in a minute. On the other hand, the Fire Team of Odisha can play an important role in the rescue operation, because this team has the experience of dealing with such a condition. Fire teams also have state-of-the-art equipment and machines used in such situations.

Apart from these two teams, NDRF, SDRF and local teams are also involved in the rescue operation. Apart from these, private company Kirloskar has also offered help. The company had also sent the equipment during the rescue operation of the football team trapped in the Indonesian cave.

Work was stopped if the capacity of the pumps was not enough
In this quarry 350 feet deep, about 70 feet of water is filled. Trying to remove the water was being tried. However, due to lack of capacity of the pumps, the work was stopped. According to reports, more capacity pumps will take 4 days to arrive.

15 workers

NDRF does not get good sign

NDRF’s Assistant Commandant Santosh Singh had said on Thursday that a diver had landed with cranes to check the level of water in the mine. After 15 minutes when he whistled, he was pulled back up. For the first time the defendant talked of smells from the quarry. This is not a good sign. However, there are miracles and we are not giving up our hope. But, practically speaking, in such cases, the chances are much less. Compared to children stranded in a cave in Thailand, conditions here are more difficult.

100 horsepower pumps demanded, no response

According to reports, NDRF had asked for 100 horsepower pump from the district administration. But, no response has been given on this demand so far.

Workers who were trapped by river water filling

These laborers were trapped in the mine situated in East Jaintia Hills district. The laborers were digging, during this time the water of the Latin river flowing near the mine was filled with it. Pumps were supplied to remove this water, but their capacity is proving to be inadequate.

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