2019 Lok Sabha Elections

2019 Lok Sabha Elections/The poorest candidate! No cash, no jewelry, zero balance

2019 Lok Sabha Elections: While there is a long list of candidates for the millionaire and Lakhpati candidates on the one hand in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, there are also some candidates whose accounts do not have any money. In the Muzaffarnagar of UP, such a Lok Sabha candidate is Mangeram Kashyam . There is no single rupee in the bank account of both Mangeram Kashyam and his wife. Another interesting thing with Mange Ram is that he is always in the electoral fray since 2000, and with every election, he becomes more poor. It is believed that Mangeram may be the poorest candidate in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

51-year-old Mangeram is a lawyer with profession. Mangeram made his own party in 2000. Mangeram named this party as a ‘Mazdoor Kisan Union Party’. After this, in every general election, Mangeram  came from his party. Mango Ram says, there are about 1000 people connected with the party. Most of them are laborers.

House of 15 lakhs is received by in-laws

This time Mangeram is in the fray for the Lok Sabha elections. In his affidavit during the nomination, Manger Ram told that he has no cash, neither is there a single rupee in the bank nor is a jeweler. In the affidavit it is also mentioned that his wife Babita Chauhan also has no cash. They have zero balance in their bank too and they do not even have any jewels. According to the affidavit, he has a plot of 100 sqm from the price of nearly Rs. 5 lakhs. Apart from this, there is a house of 15 lakh rupees. The house also got the gift from Mangeram in-laws’ behalf. Yes, Mange Ram has a bike worth Rs 36 thousand.

Pedestrian election campaign(2019 Lok Sabha Elections)

In such a situation, while the leaders are rallying in large trains in the elections, the Mangeram reaches the feet among the people. In conversation with our associates, Times of India, Mangeram said, “I have a bike, but there is no money for petrol every day. My wife is a housewife and I have two children. I have to take care of the family too. I had searched for another job but I did not find any other job. ‘ Mangeram further said, “I also campaigned on foot in the last elections. I appealed to people to vote for myself. I am surprised at many times why the big leaders spend so much on campaigning, whereas these money can be invested in the interest of the people.

Bail seized every time

Mangeram appeals to people to reach the house-to-house, but they do not get the benefit in the elections. That is the reason that every time their election is confiscated their bail and they have to suffer loss every time. Although this time Mangeram is excited and they feel that the conditions will change.

‘Things this year in my interest’

Mangeram says, “This year things will be in my best interests.” Not only that, Mangeram is also worried that in front of him is Sanjeev Bialan of BJP, Narendra Kumar from Congress and Ajit Singh is the candidate from Maha coalition. Mangeram says, “Voters know that these politicians do nothing for them. I will help the poor I will propose a Voter Pension Scheme so that nobody needs money. ”

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