statement of Abdullah Azam

Jaya Prada spoke on the statement of Abdullah Azam – Father Amrapali says, Son Anarkali

Statement of Abdullah Azam: If there are Lok Sabha elections, attacks on each other are being attacked fiercely. However, after Abdullah Khan’s controversial statements in Rampur Lok Sabha seat, son Abdullah Azam has also come in the race. On the last day of campaigning in Rampur, he made objectionable comments on Jaya Prada. Uttar Pradesh’s […]

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur: Born in 1988. Born in 1988. Demolishing mosques as a 4-yr-old in 1992.

The controversy started again with a statement from BJP candidate Sadhvi Pragya Thakur from Bhopal Lok Sabha seat. They claimed that on December 6, 1992, they climbed the dome into a dome and broke the disputed structure. After this statement, Sadhvi started questioning the age of Pragya. Many leaders and journalists, claiming on media reports, […]

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi

Claim of SC lawyer: CJI conspiracy against Ranjan Gogoi, I was given a 1.5 million offer

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi: A woman was accused of sexual harassment against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, after which the Supreme Court heard a special hearing on Saturday. During the hearing, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi dismissed the allegation of sexually assaulting herself. Supreme Court Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on the charge of sexually assaulting a former […]