Heaven Cinema in anantnag

28 years after the ‘Heaven Cinema’ doors in open Kashmir, now after the CRPF, common people will also get admission

Heaven Cinema in anantnag: CRPF jawans sitting inside large iron doors. On the front screen, Shahid Kapoor comes on his bike and attempts to woo Shraddha Kapoor. Seats begin to thrive loudly. This scene was a cinema hall located in Anantnag in south Kashmir, considered to be the stronghold of terrorism. This movie hall, Heaven, was opened after about 28 years, in which Shahid Kapoor’s film “Batti Gul Mittar” and JP Dutta’s famous film Paltan was launched.

Heaven Cinema Hall of Anantnag, one of the most concentrated areas of the valley, was opened on March 6. 40 battalion officers of the CRPF headquarters were seen on the 70 ms screen of this hall by the Army personnel. Given the situation in Kashmir, the opening of a cinema and playing a movie in it is considered to be very big.

Heaven was made in 1989

It was a local businessman’s commercial building. In it, he opened Cinema Hall Heaven in 1989. Two years after the opening of the cinema hall there was a grenade attack, after which it was closed. It is said that in order to stop the cinema hall, the terrorist organization of Allah Tiger was threatened. They said that this is against Islam.

Passionate people

Ashu Shukla, Commandant of CRPF 40 battalion, said, “This is a sentimental moment for theaters. Heaven is synonyms of Kashmir and keeping in view this, the owner of the hall named it Heaven. It is very shameful that we used to go to Delhi to watch the film. We cleaned the doors by people. Repairing the lighting system Ticket Window Painted The poster was set on film light Gul Meter, and this debut was performed 28 years later. This film hit here. ‘

People will be able to see movies soon (Heaven Cinema in anantnag)

The last time it was performed in 1991 was the film. The film was Amitabh Bachchan’s Kaliya. There are 525 seats in the hall. The CRPF said that now they are trying to open this screen for public soon. There are many young people in Kashmir who have never seen a cinema hall.

Low ticket rates
The CRPF said that the hall will be opened for public and tickets will be kept at a very low rate. The plan is to keep the price of the ticket between 30 to 50 rupees. Khalil, who watched the movie, said he was very happy. He saw the platoon and light Gul meter current film two times here in the hall.

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