70 million people e-mail id and password hack

70 million people e-mail id and password hack, such check

70 million people e-mail id and password hack: Email Id and Password are targeted and have been publicized. However, this data is not available on the File Share website right now.With the introduction of 2019, this big case of cyber security breach has surfaced. According to cyber security researcher, 2 billion email IDs and passwords have become public on the internet and are in the shape of plain text. Australia’s cyber security researcher Troy Hunt has claimed that these email IDs and passwords are stored in 12 thousand different files. The size of these files is more than 87GB.

Tell you that these Troy Hunt are the same Cyber ​​Security Researcher who criticized the base and told them about the basic flaws.
According to Troy Hunt, the email ID and password were uploaded to the file sharing website MEGA. In his blog post, he said that these files are not available on mega at the moment, but they are still available as a web forum for hackers.

According to Troy Hunt, he has worked on data found. Hunt says that the leaked data dump has more than 2 billion email IDs. It has been collected from different sources last year. Although there was also a duplicate entry in this data, he tried to clean it.

70 million people e-mail id and password hack

He said, ‘Total 772,904,991 unique email addresses were in the data dump. These data have now been loaded on Have I Been Pawned (HIBP). Source data was in different formats and levels. This number is the largest single data breach uploaded to HIBP.

He has said that the data has now been uploaded to HIBP, so that anyone can check their email ID. If you believe that data for your ID is also breech, then you can check here. If you are suspicious or not, then you can check your ID by going to this link. https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Hunt has also said that his personal data is also here and this is accurate. There is also an email ID and password used in the last few years.

Click on this link to enter an email ID. If not here – pwned! So it is written that your email id has been breeched. If you go downstairs, you will see when and in which data breach your email id and password are public. If your email ID is not pwned, your ID is safe.

You can revoke permissions given to the app by going to the settings of the email. Because password leaks are also the reasons. Never keep an email ID password identical when registering in an app. It is important to keep it separate.

70 million people e-mail id and password hack: Oh – No pwned users can secure their email ID with immediate effect. To do this, change password first. Keep combinations of special characters in the password. Turn on two step authentication and enter the mobile number.

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