A big attack alert from Pulwama

A big attack alert from Pulwama, Jaish created plan to attack convoy with a green car

A big attack alert from Pulwama: The tears of the eyes of the martyrs of the families of martyrs killed in the Pulwama attack are not yet dry, that another new threat is flooding. According to the intelligence sources, Jaish-e-Mohammed can attack even more than Pulwama, this attack can happen within the next two to three days. For which the carriage has also been prepared. According to the input received by the intelligence agencies, Jaish is in the plot to attack Chawkble and Tangdhar in northern Kashmir through IED Blast.

After getting fresh input, intelligence agencies have asked the security forces to be alert. According to the input, a car has been prepared by the terrorists of Jaish, through which to blast the IED, to once again target a convoy of security forces.

A green scorpio carriage has been prepared for this attack so that once again a fidayeen attack like the Pulwama. According to the message decoded, 200 kg of toys (explosive) was used in the previous attack, but in this attack, 500 KG explosives can be used.

A big attack alert from Pulwama: This message says that the army should stop targeting the Kashmiris. This war is between our (Jaysh) and the army, we are ready to fight. Let us tell you that in another input, it has also been found that some local Kashmiris are being prepared to make terrorists. It is reported that 5-6 terrorists are seated beside the Gure Sector for infiltration of the border, which will be admitted in India only after getting the order.

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Let us tell you that on February 14, terrorists from Jaish-e-Mohammed attacked a large terrorist in Pulwama. In which 40 soldiers of the army were martyred, this attack was done by Adil Ahmed Dar, the terrorist of Jaish. Adil entered the carriage of CRPF carrying a car, which had caused a big blast.

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