A rumor caused 100 Hut to become ashes in meerut

A rumor caused 100 Hut to become ashes in meerut

A rumor caused 100 Hut to become ashes in meerut- This is the place where there used to be a settlement in the Meerut Sadar region of Uttar Pradesh but now it is similar to ashes, smoke and burnt.

In fact, the illegal construction was removed with the police team of the Cantt Board in the slum area of ​​Meerut Cantt’s Thana Sadar area, when it was spread that the board and police team reached the purpose of illegal recovery.

Then, what started between the people of the area and police was started. The thing got so worn that people started stone pelting on the police. After which the police had to lathi charge. The people of the area have also alleged that the police team has set fire on fire.

Gas cylinders present in the slums worked as a ghee in the fire and at least 100 slums were burnt down after seeing it. Fire brigade was taken from the surrounding districts to overcome the fire. After the hours of the fire, the fire was overrun but it was too late till then.

A rumor caused 100 Hut to become ashes in meerut

Several slums, including a religious place, had gathered in the fire. The angry mob reached the streets and jammed the road, the crowd made many vehicles their victims. Given the seriousness of the matter, police force was called and deployed from surrounding areas. NDRF team also reached the spot.

Many local people, including the police, have been injured in this incident. The matter is being investigated that finally how and how did the fire. But in view of this, the administration has kept the internet service of the area closed for some time.

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