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Aamir is not happy with the price of TOH tickets! Big budget impact

Thugs of Hindustan: Aamir Khan is not happy with the increase in the ticket rate of the Thugs of Hindustan made in the budget of around 240 crore. Prices of movie Sanju’s tickets were also increased.

Thugs of Hindustan

The multi-starrer movie “Thugs of Hindostan”, which is being directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, is considered to be the biggest movie of the year. Aamir’s film, made from a budget of about Rs 240 crore, will be released on November 8. Thugs will get the benefit of Diwali Weekend and Single Release. The news came in the past that the makers had increased the prices of thugs by 10%. But it seems that Aamir Khan is not very happy with the increase in the rate of tickets.

Box Office: Breakdown of all records of earnings on the first day will be the Thugs of Hindostan

In an interview, Aamir said, “I can understand. This is an expensive movie. Personally, I’ve always been in favor of ticket prices being cheap. ”

“I think our theater should be affordable and cheap so that people can go to the theaters and watch the movie. This is my dream that there should be a movie house in India that is meant for the economic, middle and pop group. Everyone has the right to watch the film. I’m sure that one day it will happen. ”

The story of Aamir’s movie “Thugs of Hindustan”

Why increase ticket prices?

Due to being a big budget movie, the makers have increased the rates of tickets. So that they could earn profits. Now it is to see that these strategies bring profits for the thugs or losses. It is also feared that due to the increased cost of tickets, many people will avoid going to the theater. In such a way, the congratulations of Ayushman can be of benefit. Congratulation is still going on in the theater.

2018 will be the biggest opener

At the same time, Trade Experts estimates that the Thugs of Hindostan can be India’s largest opener so far. Komal Nahata said till today, “On the opening day, we expect to make collections of over 50 crore of thugs, it seems that it will get the biggest opening till date, first day collection can be 52 or 55 crores.Weekand four If there is a day, then around 200 crores can be earned. ”

Aamir’s big release is

It is being released at 5000 screens in India and approximately 2000 screens abroad. The budget of the thugs is 240 crores. 220 crores cost and 20 crores of promotional expenditure. According to that, the film will recover only in the weekend. 150 crore has already come through satellite and digital rights. According to the remaining 90 crores, the break in the weekend will reach the evening point. Digital rights are sold for 150 million. The first film will be on the satellite, then it will be shown on the digital platform.

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