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Some people are just so driven that they actually create their own stress.

Some people are just so driven that they actually create their own stress. Not only do they create stress for themselves, but for others around them. You can often observe this in parents of young children who are so busy projecting their dreams onto their children that they create a tidal wave of stress throughout the house.

These people are so obsessed about being “the best” at everything that they lose sight of what life is about. They rarely enjoy their lives and make sure that their children also do not enjoy the lives they have either. They can be found heading up PTA drives and in a dozen other activities. People often look at them with envy because they seem to have it all and are so ambitious. In reality, they have very little. Ambition is good – driving everyone around you nuts to validate your life because of personal insecurity,is not.

(Some people are just so driven that they actually create their own stress.)

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It is no wonder that people are stressed out. We never give ourselves, or our children, a chance to just relax! When was the last time you went with your family on a picnic? Do people even do this anymore or has it become “a waste of time?”

We can live with self-induced stress and continue on a merry-go-round of anxiety like Shirley, or we can slow down and eliminate some of the stressors from our lives

Are you experiencing self-induced stress? How do you feel when you come home from work? Are you happy to come home or do you feel that you are just coming home to a life of chaos? Many people say that they are more relaxed at work than they are at home. If you cannot relax at home, when can you relax? Do you even know how to relax? Some people actually feel guilty when they are “doing nothing.”

People today tend to expect way too much from themselves and very few people know how to relax. As a result, they are raising children who also do not know how to relax. What have we got to look forward to except a bunch of future stressed out adults? The only ones who will benefit from this are the pharmaceutical companies who are busy cranking out better and better medications for stress.

Some signs of self-induced stress are the following:

  • You do not have time to talk to friends on the phone because you are always “running around”
  • Your children are involved in no less than two activities a week to which you provide transportation
  • Your kids do not know what mashed potatoes look like unless they come in a KFC package
  • You feel guilty if you have nothing to do
  • You think if you relax you will lose your edge and won’t be successful

If you identified with one or more of the above situations, chances are that you are experiencing some signs of self-induced stress. Superman and Wonder Woman were fictional characters – stop trying to be a superhero to yourself and learn how to relax.

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