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After the complaint of the opposition, the Election Commission asked the government on ‘Namo TV’, the complete case

After complaining of ‘Namo TV’ by Congress and Aam Aadmi Party on behalf of the party, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has sought an answer in this regard in the Election Commission. Both parties have also demanded that the channel be closed from the commission. The Commission has also summoned the Doordarshan reply with the ministry. Let’s know what is the whole case:

PM did launch

PM Modi tweeted on March 31 that he was also launching his’ i also watchman’ campaign. People can watch this program live on ‘Namo TV’. PM Modi’s speech and BJP-centric programs are broadcast on this channel.

Opposition complaint

The opposition Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party have complained to the Election Commission about Namo TV. The opposition said that all parties should get equal rights in elections. In this case, the Commission should stop ‘Namo TV’.

Commission responds

The Election Commission has sought a report from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry about the launch of ‘Namo TV’. It was launched after applying the code of conduct. This channel is not listed on the list of approved channels on the website of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Explain that any TV channel, whether news channels or entertainment, needs a license from the Ministry. The comments made by PM Modi in this regard were also retweeted by Information and Broadcasting Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore.

Namo TV- The government will answer this?

Sources say that in response to the question asked by the commission, the government can answer that Namo TV is an advertisement platform, which is being shown on behalf of the service provider. Its expenditure will be shown in the expenditure of the party. But Namo TV has been given the channel number on the DTH platform.

When a consumer demanded to tweet this channel, DTH service provider said that this channel can not be removed. If he wants, then he can lock a pedal. There is no information about the investment source and how much investment has been made in the channel. There is no information about its ownership rights, but this channel is broadcasted as a sponsored channel and it also receives government advertisements.

Also questions from Doordarshan

The Election Commission has written to the Doordarshan and asked if the code of conduct was implemented, then why did PM Modi’s ‘I also  watchman’ program for one hour on a government channel?

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