After the controversy, Kamal Nath’s U-turn, now the police will be with the band Vande Mataram

Chief Minister Kamal Nath has taken a U-turn between the controversy over the Vande Mataram song in Madhya Pradesh. He said that now Vande Mataram will be sung with the police band.

In Madhya Pradesh, there is a stir in the corridors of the state regarding the song Vande Mataram. The state’s chief minister and Congress leader Kamal Nath was forced to turn away from their stand between the constant attacks and pressure from the BJP. He has said that now Vande Mataram will sing with the police band. To show that according to the tradition of Vande Mataram, this collective song has come in the presence of minister in the ministry premises or in the presence of the chief secretary.

In the meantime, Kamal Nath government was injured after the mass Vande Mataram was not sung in the garden in front of the ministry in Bhopal on January 1. However, now Kamal Nath has taken a U-turn. He said, ‘Now Bhande will be singing Vande Mataram with the participation of the police band and the common people in the attractive form. At 10:45 a.m. on the first working day of every month, the police bands will march from the Shaurya Memorial to the Vallabh Bhavan, playing the tune of awakening the nation spirit.

Shivraj’s announcement – I will sing, then Jhukam Kamal Nath

On the first day of the year, after the Vande Mataram was not heard, former Chief Minister and BJP leader Shivraj Singh Chauhan took up the matter and started a panic attack on the Congress. He asked that after all, the tradition of singing Vande Mataram was sloppy. Shivraj said, “If the Congress does not come to the words of national anthem or shame in the singing of the national anthem, then please let me know. Vande Mataram will sing with the public in the courtyard of Vallabh Bhavan on the first date of every month. ‘

Vande Mataram was being sung from 2005

Shivraj raised the question that after the consent and consent of the Vande Mataram group was not counted on 1 January. He announced that all the BJP legislators will sing the collective Vande Mataram on January 7. It should be known that in the year 2005, during the tenure of the then Chief Minister Babulal Gaur, the group Vande Mataram was started singing on the first date of every month. This cycle was going on for the last 13 years, but after the change of power, the first date ie January 1, Vande Mataram was not available in the Vallabh Bhawan campus. This caused the government to face controversy.

Congressional gang supporters

The collective Vande Mataram song is organized by the General Administration Department. At present, this department is with Chief Minister Kamal Nath, so the BJP has directly put the attack on Kamal Nath upright. The BJP said, “Chief Minister Kamal Nath has given a new year’s gift to the patriotic citizens of the state by closing Vande Mataram singing from January one year. But by doing so, the Congress party and Kamal Nath have set the agenda for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This move by the Kamal Nath government has been made clear that due to the vote bank politics, Congress and Kamal Nath will provide political protection to the gang who slogans slogans of India.

Kamal Nath had to clean up after catching the case. He said, ‘We also have faith in religion, nationalism, patriotism. The Congress Party, who fought the country’s independence, does not require any certificate from patriotism, nationality. Do not politics on BJP, it will apply (Vande Mataram singing) in new form. ‘

BJP sang Sangit Vande Mataram(controversy)

In a protest against the 13-year-old tradition of singing a Vande Mataram song jointly in the Ministry’s premises in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP organized a recitation of the collective Vande Mataram in a garden located in front of the Ministry on Wednesday. The BJP, while opposing the ban on vocal Vande Mataram singing on the 1st of every month, singing Vande Mataram in the garden near the Ministry.

Controversy: Earlier, the former Chief Minister Chauhan wrote in a tweet: “All the MLAs of BJP and I will sing Vande Mataram in the courtyard of Vallabh Bhavan on the first day of January 7th morning at 7 a.m. on January 7. All of you are welcome to join this campaign. ‘

Chauhan further said, “Congress has probably forgotten that governments come, but there is nothing above country and patriotism. I demand that Vande Mataram’s song be always before every cabinet meeting and on the first day of every month as always, in the forefront of the Vallabh Bhavan.(controversy)

However, seeing himself roaming around from all sides, Kamal Nath took a U-turn on the matter and announced that from now on, the band will be singing Vande Mataram with the police band.

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