Ahmed Patel speaked

Ahmed Patel speaked – Modi Talking about Gutter Level Politics and Street Level

Ahmed Patel speaked: Ahmed Patel, who was attacked by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attack on the Augusta Westland helicopter case, has reversed it. He has accused Prime Minister Modi of doing politics of trivial level.

Targeting PM Modi, he said, “Everyone knows Narendra Modi. They do politics of gutter level. They speak like a village head speaks and as such there are some municipality politics in the country. The legal process is underway in the case. If there is anything against me, then go to the judiciary and investigate it. If I am found guilty, take action against me and hang me up. ‘

He said that this is an electoral atmosphere and only the rainy season is raining. In addition, Ahmed Patel also tweeted the case. They said, ‘The watchman and his followers have put their hands in the wrong place without any evidence. Demonetise and Refale’s brokers will no longer be able to escape. The public will continue to teach the lesson. By the way, you must have heard that a thief is seen as a thief. ‘

He said, “Such tactics will not work. You can not escape issues. Janata Janardhan now wants to answer these questions why youth are unemployed? Why are the farmers worried? Why are the mercenaries bad? In such a way, the attitude of the Modi Government is a clear indication of defeat.

In his tweet, he said, ‘Election is the season. In this way, the rain has started. Unconscious and ridiculous allegations are raining. We have full faith in the judiciary that the truth can never be hidden. Milk milk and water will remain water.

Ahmed Patel speaked- Demand for lodging FIR against PM Modi in EC

At the same time, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi has complained to the Election Commission about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment on Rahul Gandhi’s nomination from Wayanad. After this, he said in the media that in this case we have given evidence to the Election Commission. On the statement of PM Modi in Wardha, we have demanded an FIR lodged. He claimed that in the case FIR against FIR will be lodged against PM Modi.

Apart from this, Singhvi alleged that Amit Shah, the Bharatiya Janata Party president from Gandhinagar, filed false affidavit. However it is necessary to file the correct affidavit in the Election Commission. Amit Shah said in his affidavit that he has mortgaged property worth more than 25 crores.

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