Air Force crashes Pak F-16 fighter aircraft

Air Force crashes Pak F-16 fighter aircraft

Air Force crashes Pak F-16 fighter aircraft: After the strike of Air Force in Balakot, Pakistan, there is tremendous tension in the Kashmir border. On Wednesday morning, Pakistan’s aircraft violated the Indian border, after which the Air Force killed an F-16. After the latest situation Kashmir’s full airfield has been sealed.

Outraged Pakistan is claiming that his army has entered the Indian border and strikes. Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman tweeted this.

India’s answer to Pakistan’s response to the Indian Air Force, Pakistan’s F-16 fighter aircraft has been killed by India. The debris of this plane fell into the Naushera of Pakistani territory. Pakistan’s aircraft had penetrated three kilometers from the Indian border, but it was stacked.(Air Force crashes Pak F-16 fighter aircraft)

Aircraft of Indian Airlines penetrated into Indian Air Force

Pakistani Air Force’s 3 F-16 aircraft entered the Indian air force on Wednesday. These aircraft entered the Bichmar gaol of Naushera Sector and fled the rockets on the mountains and fled there.

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