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Air strike – US worker claims – more than 200 terrorists were killed in Balakot

Air strike: Seng Hassan Sering, a US worker working in Gilgit, has claimed that more than 200 terrorists were killed in the strike of IAF in Balakot. He has also posted a video with his tweets. In which the Pak army is providing relief to the people of the village. Sering says that bodies of some people killed in Air Strike were sent from Balakot to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

On February 26, the IAF’s Mirage-2000 aircraft entered the Pak border and attacked in Muzaffarabad, Chakoti and Balakot. In the media reports it was claimed that more than 300 terrorists were killed.

Being told in the video – 200 folks went up

Some Pakistani officials are seen sitting among the tribals in the posted video of Sering. He is explaining to them that fighting with the rule of authority and fighting is Jihad. After this, the voice of another person comes in the video which says – This rule destroys some of the special seams of Allah. You know that yesterday 200 went upstairs. It was in their destiny that martyrdom was written. Our destiny was not written. It is the fate of Allah, who has the mercy-o-Karam. Anything happens, let us know freely.

Sering did not confirm the video(Air strike)

However, Sering says that they are not convinced of the reliability of the video. But it is certain that Pak is hiding the truth of Balakot. According to Senghee – Jaish-e-Mohammed had claimed that there was a seminary (in Balakot) there. At the same time, news came from the Urdu media that some bodies were taken from Balakot to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the following day or some days after the IAF’s attack. There is considerable evidence from this that it can be estimated that the action of Indian Air Force in Balakot has been successful. Pak could not prove anything yet.

‘Why the international media was stopped’

Sering says that restrictions have been imposed on Balakot from local and international media since Air Strike. Pak is constantly claiming that some of the trees and fields in the attack of Indian aircraft hurt. Sering question is why Pak is sealing this area for so long without any concrete reason?

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