Alwar GangRape Case

Alwar GangRape Case: 5 boys did rape until 3 hours from a woman

Alwar GangRape Case: A gang has been gang-raped by a Dalit woman in Thanagaji area of ​​Alwar district of Rajasthan. 5 people stopped the couple going to buy a wedding. These people raped the woman in front of her husband and made her video too. Every time the woman tries to stop them, the five young men will do the same horrors with her. For three hours these people raped the woman and also made 11 videos so that blackmailing the couple could make money. One of these videos became viral on social media on May 6. This incident has taken a political color in the state. So far, two accused have been arrested. The search for the other accused continues. (Alwar GangRape Case)

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