Alwar gangrape

Alwar gangrape: Mayawati did Counterattack on PM Modi’s challenge

Alwar gangrape: BSP supremo Mayawati has reversed the question of being silent on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Alwar gang rape. Mayawati said that she will decide if proper action is not taken. At the same time, he has asked PM Modi to resign in Gujarat’s Una Kand and Rohit Vemula case. Let us tell that PM Modi at Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh had targeted Mayawati, why did not she withdraw her support to the Rajasthan government?

In a Kushigannar rally on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had spoken a direct attack on Mayawati in the gang-rape case of a Dalit woman in Alwar. He said that Mayawati should immediately withdraw her support from the Congress government of Rajasthan, which runs in collaboration with BSP. On this, Mayawati said that the Prime Minister should not do disgusting politics in the case of mass torture of a Dalit woman.

Demand for resignation in Una Kand and Rohit Vemula case

Mayawati said that if her government takes any strong action in the Alwar case, then her party will definitely take a political decision. He said that the BSP is well aware of how to deal with Congress. On Modi’s remarks, Mayawati, on the issue of atrocities against the Dalits under the Una Dalit scandal of Gujarat, including the Rohit Vemula Kand, surrounded the issue of atrocities on Dalits, demanded her resignation from PM Modi.

On the rally at Kushinagar rally, after reverting PM Modi’s Mayawati, the BSP chief responded with a reaction. He said that the BJP government should think about the incident happening in Rajasthan as well as the atrocities faced by the Dalits in the BJP governments. In which states where Dalits are being tortured, the BJP government is taking strong action against the atrocities.

‘PM should not be disgusting politics’

Mayawati said on the remarks of the Prime Minister that the BSP knows very well how to deal with Congress politically. He said that not only in Rajasthan but also in Madhya Pradesh, the entire work plan of dealing with Congress is ready. Everyone will be aware of it in time, but BJP should discharge constitutional authority in such cases and not to do abominable politics.

Female gangrape happened in front of husband

A Dalit woman in Rajasthan’s Alwar had a case of gangrape scandal in front of her husband. According to the FIR lodged by the victim in the gangrape case, the incident took place on April 26, when the accused stopped her and her husband’s way and took her to a deserted place and gang-raped her in front of her husband. Not only that, but the accused also made a video of a crime and uploaded them to social media. After this the video became viral.

Action against Alwar SP

The matter came in more headlines after the police’s gross negligence emerged in this case. After the FIR was lodged on May 2, after which the SP of the district Rajiv was thrown into the wait list for not accepting the entire matter properly and failing to assess the seriousness of the gang.

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