America- Bill of all the buyers paid by calling themselves Santa

America: At Thanksgiving in the Derby city of Vermont, America last week, a man came in handy for people. He called himself Santa Claus. Here at Walmart’s supermarket, he announced to pay the bills of all the people who are shopping. Not only this, some people have also repaid loans. The special thing was that people did not know the identity of the man who helped him till the end. Only buyers know that the bill payer is the fan of the football team Patriots.

Gates told that when he raised his luggage and went to the cash register for payment, a long man standing there asked him if he wanted to buy something on it. On this Julie said that they have to buy many more things now.

According to Julie, “I first thought that the man was joking with them, but in reality he continued to wait till I came with my complete baggage. That unknown person paid my bill of $ 199 (Rs 14000). ”

Asked the name to call himself Santa(America)

Julie told that when he asked the man who did this, then he pointed to himself and said – Santa. A store worker confirmed the incident saying that the unidentified person paid the bill for all the people present in the store. However, Walmart officials refused to state that how many people paid the bills and how much the person spent on that night that night.

America/ People on social media confirmed the bill payment

Julie also shared the incident with her on social media. In it, he posted a photograph taken from behind that unknown man. Some neighbors on their post told that their loan was paid by some unknown person.

A couple commented on Julie’s post and said that the stranger was paying a bills of $ 800 (56 thousand rupees) for the purchase. Asked the name, that guy called himself Cris Kinjal. Actually this is another name for Santa Claus.

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