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Amit Shah encroached Rahul Gandhi on the statement of Sam Pitroda, said: “Forgiveness of martyrs and people of the country”

Sam pitroda: On the statement of Congress leader Sam Pitroda, who described the Pulwama terror attack as a routine attack, BJP President Amit Shah has directly attacked Rahul Gandhi. Amit Shah said that Congress President should apologize to the families of the martyrs and the people on Sam Pitroda’s statement.

He said that nothing would be left to the edge only. The people of the country understand their policy and that is why they have put the Congress on the edge. Speaking to the media, Shah said, “The statement of Sam Pitroda, the Coordinator of the Congress Party and member of the Election Manifesto of the Congress Party, is going to give birth to a lot of worries.”

Shah said that Pitroda had said that some people should be blamed for the actions of some people, it should tell Rahul whether they are not responsible for terrorist incidents. He said that Rahul should also tell that his talks with Pitroda talks about tackling terrorism is his policy.

Shah, while tearing, said that the Congress president should clarify whether he considers such a heinous attack as a normal phenomenon. The BJP chief said that during the surgical strike, Rahul Gandhi had talked of “blood money” and now raising questions on air strikes. They should apologize to the people of the country for this.

‘Congress’s statement raises the morale of terrorists’

Amit Shah said, “This statement of Congress has insulted the martyrs and the morale of people engaged in casualties has increased. On 7th March the Congress President himself said that the questions on the air strikes should be answered to the questions raised. Whose answer do you want? Who is raising the question. What are they supporting indirectly? ‘

The people shouted out the statement (Sam pitroda)

On telling Pitroda’s statement on behalf of Congress, Shah said that nothing in politics is private. He said, ‘I want to give advice to the Congress that the public understands your shore properly and has made you shore. Never give a personal statement to people like P. Chidambaram, Kapil Sibal, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Mani Shankar Aiyar and sometimes Sandeep Dixit. But, nothing happens to them. This is part of Rahul Gandhi’s strategy. Congress president should now apologize to himself. ‘

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