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Amritsar blast exposes the lie of railway administration, negligence comes in front

After the Amritsar train accident, the railway administration had said that where there was an accident, the tracks were rotated, due to which loco pilot was not found to be present on the track of people. However, in the investigation of ‘Aaj Tak’, this lie was exposed in the railway.

Since the Amritsar rail accident, the railway administration is constantly chasing up its responsibility and the white is lying. Now another white lie has been caught. Actually, the Railways had cleared the Amritsar train accident saying that there was a rotation in the tracks where the train incident happened due to the DMU. So the loco pilot did not understand that people are on track.

When the ‘Aajtak’ reporter Siddhartha inspected the spot to know the realization of this statement of the railway, this thing was found very wrong. The Jalandhar-Amritsar rail track is quite straight on both sides with the added gate, and the biggest thing is that loco pilot’s eyes are six by six. In such a way, it is surprising to see the people sitting on the track not to see them.

Amritsar blast exposes the lie of railway administration,

The place where the accident took place, there is no fencing of the railway near the gate. Although there is a high-rise wall of the railway near the venue of Ravan Dahan. Here the organizers of the Vijayadashmi fair arranged arrangements for cutting the weeds and trees on the railway land across the wall along the fairground along with the Mela Ground.

Local people said that the LED’s mouth was turned towards the track so that people could enjoy Ravana combustion. When this entire arrangement was being done then where was the RPF responsible for the security of the track of the railway and what was his intelligence unit doing? When this program was going on, then the railway officials and the security personnel were asleep.

Amritsar blast exposes

Now the Railways is claiming that people on the track were unauthorized. So there is no responsibility for him. Alongwith this, the railways also say that the place of Vijayadashmi’s fair also does not come under him. So there was no need for permission from them. In this whole case the negligence of the local administration is there, but the railways can not be called spotless.

What did the Chairman of the Railway Board say?

Let us know that on Friday, the DMU train near the gate in Amritsar had left the rush of hundreds of people gathered for the Ravana combustion. After this, the railway ministry said there was no mistake of the loco pilot of the train and its CRS investigation is not needed.

According to railway board chairman Ashwani Lohani, there is no mistake of loco

railway administration

pilot in this accident. Overall, Railways says that where this incident took place, it is not for the people to be gathered in accordance with Railway law. When people gather in such a place, it is considered illegal entry.

He said that the Railway Safety Commission works under the administrative control of the Civil Aviation Ministry and makes compulsory checks of all the train accidents. It was an accident in which people entered unauthorized entry on the railway track and it is not a rail accident.

What did minister of state Manoj Sinha say?

Apart from this, Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha, after visiting the spot, had said that the incident had happened in the evening and that the track was too winding, due to which the driver would not have been seen further. When asked about the speed of the train, he said that the trains run by speed only.

On the question of taking action against the Getman, he had said that the place where Ravana’s effigy was being burnt, the railway gate is 300 meters away. On the question of investigating the matter, Sinha said, “What are the inquiries we make …?” When they were asked if the driver could not stop the train anyhow. On this, the minister had said that the program was going on 70 meters away from the track, besides there was also a turning point, how would the driver look?

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