Amritsar Incident

Amritsar Incident: Seeing the photo of the cut head, reached the track, father, did not get the son’s body

Amritsar Incident: Vijay Kumar, who lives in Amritsar, saw the photo of the cut son of his young son at the three o’clock in the morning, the land slipped under his feet. She immediately left for looking for the son’s body. During this he got a hand and foot, but he did not get the son.

The families of the victims of Amritsar train accident in Punjab are not convinced that their own is no longer in this world. Vijay Kumar, a resident of Amritsar, gets upset when he sees his 18-year-old son’s cut son’s photo at three o’clock in the morning of his whitsapp.

One of Vijay’s two sons was also on the spot. Ashish’s life survived, but the second son Manish was not as lucky. When Vijay found out about this accident, he kept wandering from one hospital to another in search of his son, but nothing was known. Then suddenly a photo appeared on the whitsapp of his phone, in which his son had a chopped head.

He found one hand and one leg in this search, but he was not his son. Vijay said from the stomach throat, ‘Manish was wearing blue jeans, this foot could not be his. My world was completely ruined. ‘

Dream sighted eyes painful incident

The heart has been hit in the head during this heartbreaking train accident. He

Amritsar Incident

told that he was showing the event of Ravana combustion via Whatsapp video call to his husband. When a fire broke out in the effigy, the people started retreating and came closer to the tracks. When the train was approaching, people started emptying the tracks and on the second track. In this, another train arrived at a speeding pace and then a panic broke.

The dream lost its sister sister and one-year-old niece in this incident. She says that when the fury started, the people ran away and the child fell on the stones and her mother trampled under the feet.

UP’s Jagundandan told how to reach the rail track

40 year old Jagundan, a resident of Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh and daily wage worker, has been injured in the head and leg. They said that they were not on the tracks at the time of the incident, but when Ravana started burning, the crowd at the front turned back, and they were back after getting pushed.

In front of the eyes of the seven-year happiness of seeing Ravana to visit his mother Paramjit Kaur, the painful face is still floating. She fell on the tracks at that time and she got a head injury.

Many people injured in the accident recalled that moment they did not hear the horn of the train coming there. Another train had passed from there a while ago. The sound of the train hit the sound of firecrackers.

Woman lost son-daughter and father-in-law

Motilal, a 35-year-old daily living in Gopalganj, Bihar, told that he was standing on the banks of the tracks and suddenly the people started running around. All this happened so fast that the people present there could not get a chance to handle it.

Another wage worker Jitendra’s 23-year-old wife Sandeep suffered a head injury. He went to see Ravana combustion with his two children and father-in-law. Jitendra said that the train came in rapidly and there was a panic in the people present there. In it, his six-year-old girl, three-year-old son and father-in-law turned away from him forever.

90 doctors charged on emergency duty

Dr Rakesh Sharma, in-charge of the Surgery Department of Guru Nanak Hospital, said that 20 of them were brought here. Most people hurt in the head and feet of the injured. Doctor Mayank told that most of the people in the wounded are from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. 80 to 90 doctors have been employed on emergency duty and they are working day and night. Some other people have been admitted to PGI Chandigarh and private hospitals.

How happened

On Friday evening, people were present on the railway track of the couple gate of Amritsar’s widened market. The effigy was being lit just 200 feet away from the tracks. Meanwhile, the DMU train going from Amritsar to Jalandhar passed from there and crushed people on the track. After this the dead bodies were spread all around. In this accident 60 people have died while 56 people are injured. At the time of the accident, the speed of the train is about 100 km. Was per hour.

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