Amritsar incident

Amritsar incident: Siddhu couple upheld railway, DRM denied all allegations

Amritsar incident: A major statement of Ferozepur DRM has been revealed on the accident in Amritsar, in which he has dismissed all the accusations of Punjab government minister Navjot Singh Sidhu over the accident.

There has been a major statement of Ferozepur DRM Vivek Kumar on the accident in Amritsar wherein he has dismissed all the accusations of Punjab government minister Navjot Singh Sidhu over the accident. According to the DRM, the railway is not responsible for the accident.

Significantly, Siddu claimed that the Amritsar Express, which hung up to 60

people, did not have a horn in it. At the same time, Ferozepur DRM says that the train’s horn was functioning properly and seeing the people on the track reduced the speed of the train. Also in the camera captured during the accident, the train is passing through the horn playing the horn.

Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife has come under the scanner in this incident. Indeed, Sidhu’s wife was Chief Guest at Ravana Dahan, who was on the added gates.

According to a eyewitness, ‘Navjot Singh Sidhu is a MLA from here. His wife Navjot Kaur was present on the stage, but after the incident, he took the car and left it there. We needed help, but instead of helping, we ran away from the spot. ‘

Navjot Sidhu, refuting the charges of fleeing from the accident site while coming forward in the rescue of the wife, asked the Amritsar Express not to have the harn.

People have seen resentment for Sidhu’s wife. At the same time, Navjot Kaur Sidhu, who stood in his defense, upheld the railway and held that the accident happened after he left the venue.

At the same time, after the accident, Navjot Kaur reached the hospital to see the injured. Where he met the injured and took full information and stole the kin.

Amritsar incident

Let us say that 60 people died in this train accident near Amritsar’s widened market. At that time people were watching Ravana combustion near the tracks.

During the Ravana combustion, people flipped behind fireworks and flames, and some people were already standing on the track and watching Ravana combustion. In the meantime, the fastest speed train left the people roaming. Three kilometers away from the accident, on Amritsar junction, the train was hit by accidental blood sprigs

Ashwini Lohani, Chairman of Railway Board has also given a clean chit to the driver of the train. In his statement, he said that there was no mistake of the driver.

According to Lohani, the railway administration had no information about the program. Railways are not responsible in any way for this accident. This Mind Railway was crossing and the track is the place to pass the train.

With the President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, and Rahul Gandhi, all Chief Ministers of the country have expressed grief at the painful rail accident in Amritsar.

The government has announced compensation to the victims of the accident and the injured. Two lakhs from the Center will be provided to the dead and Rs 5 lakh from the Punjab government.


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