Rape from an innocent child

An innocent girl hanged guilty of rap, hanged for half an hour

Rape from an innocent child – The incident of jealousy with an innocent child shocked whole Pakistan. The Supreme Court intervened in the matter and ordered the accused to be arrested within three days. The decision came just within a year.

A seven-year-old girl with a rape victim was hanged on a hanging trap in Pakistan. He was hanged in Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat jail on Wednesday morning.

The accused’s name is Imran Ali who raped a minor girl. Imran Ali was hanged in front of the magistrate Adil Sarwar and the child’s father. Before the sentence was pronounced Tuesday, the accused was given 45 minutes to spend time with his family.

Imran Ali was arrested by the police in January. Pakistan Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) had sentenced to death 21 deaths, three life imprisonment and 23 years in different cases against Ali.

According to a report by the News Agency ANI, Imran Ali confessed to raping 9 girls, including a murder victim with a 7-year-old girl. The innocent child was found missing from her relative’s house. His body was recovered from a dump on January 9, 2018.

There was a disclosure about the girl’s assassination report by slapping the throats. Before that Ali had raped her.

After the rape of an innocent child, there was protests across Pakistan against the murder. The matter reached Pakistan Supreme Court, where the court had given three days time to order the arrest of the accused. The Joint Investigation Team later arrested Imran.

The child’s father and other relatives were also present at the gallows. After the execution, the girl’s father Amin Ansari told the BBC that she was satisfied. He told reporters, I saw him ending with his eyes. He was hanged and his dead body was hanging for hours.

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