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Another actress charged with Sajid Khan, ‘touched on the chest’

After Saloni Chopra, another actress has now made serious allegations against film producer-director Sajid Khan. Actress said that Sajid is serial criminal.

After Saloni Chopra, another actress has now made serious allegations against Sajid Khan. The movie finger activist Rachel White said in 2014 that she did not have screenshots as evidence, but she was just waiting for someone to come forward after which she could also keep her mind. He said, “When I read Saloni Chopra’s tales, I knew that now I have to come forward too.”

According to the report of The Indian Express, the actress said, “People need to know that this person (Sajid Khan) is a serial criminal.” Rachel, who was part of the MeToo campaign, told the story, “Everyone had been finalized, just a third girl was left. I received a call from my agency saying that Sajid was given a third lead for the film ‘Humshakals’ Actress is needed. ”

Rachel said that when the first time Sajid had a phone call with them, he had a bad name. He said to them on the call, “Hello Bengal tigress! You are very hot in Bengali.” Because Rachel did not tell him about himself that he was from Bengal, then he asked Sajid how did he know it? In response Sajid said, “I was looking for you on Google Darling.”

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Actress said that after this things went worse than bad. One day when Sajid’s mother was not at her house, she called Rachel home and abused her in the bedroom. According to Rachel’s statement in the report, Sajid toured Rachel’s chest and made unpleasant comments about her private parts.

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It is known that recently, his ex-Assistant Director Saloni Chopra on filmmaker Sajid Khan made serious allegations. Saloni has written a plagiarized post on a website. They have also tweeted it. Saloni has accused Sajid of harassment and physical abuse. They said that Sajid used to call them obscene photos and Vulgar used to talk. Sajid’s social media is being critically criticized.

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