Another BJP leader killed

Another BJP leader killed; Shivraj asks for a CBI probe

Another BJP leader killed: BJP’s Mandal President Manoj Thackeray was murdered on Sunday morning. The incident is from Balwadi village of Varla Tehsil. Thackeray’s head, marks on the face and ears, marks on the spot and blood stained on the spot. This prevents the police from believing that the murder was done by crushing the head. Earlier on Friday, the municipal head of the state’s Mandsaur district and BJP leader Prahlad Bandwar was shot dead.

On both these incidents, former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has expressed the possibility of conspiracy. He said, “Congress used to talk about change but what is the change? The murders have started here. A BJP leader was killed in Badwani. Law and order have completely collapsed. The government is taking it lightly. There seems to be a big conspiracy behind this. I demand a CBI probe. I warned the government to stop such incidents or the BJP would come to the streets. ”

According to Varla police station in-charge Dinesh Kushwaha, Thackeray had gone for a walk at the time of the incident but did not return. On discovering, he found his body in a field far away from the road near Radha Swamy Bhavan. After the incident, there is resentment among the Thackeray supporters in Balwadi. Earlier, Mandsaur’s municipal president and BJP leader Prahlad Bandhwa was shot dead on Thursday.

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