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Attack on Pakistan will be the biggest mistake of Narendra Modi’s life: Pervez Musharraf

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf condemned the Pulwama attack saying that the attack was extremely inhuman. Musharraf condemned the Pulwama attack, but he said in a threatening manner that if Pakistan was attacked, it would be the biggest mistake of Modi’s life. Musharraf said stop threatening Pakistan. You can not teach us a lesson.

Pak government did not attack(Pervez Musharraf)

Pervez Musharraf, while supporting the Pakistani government, said that Jeys had a hand in the Pulwama attack, in which there was no role of Imran government. Therefore, stop blaming Pakistan. There is no sympathy for my jaish. The attack has been done by Jaish and not the Government of Pakistan. It should be banned in Pakistan. Jaish-e-Mohammad tried to attack me too.

Pakistan channels are being abusive in TV channels(Pervez Musharraf )

Musharraf said that after the attack, the kind of environment in India is very provocative. The manner in which the channels are being given to Pakistan in debate of TV channels there is not good. At this time all Indian channels are giving abuses to all Pakistan. From the very next day of the attack all are blaming Pakistan. Swabs are being used for Pakistan in the debit of TV channels.

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Fire in my heart more than PM Modi

On the statement of PM Modi after the attack, Musharraf said that if Pakistan was attacked then it would be the biggest mistake of Modi’s life. Musharraf said that PM Modi says there is a fire in my heart. I say that when Kashmiris are killed there, there is a lot of fire in my heart, Kashmiri children get pills in their eyes, then tears in my eyes.

Sympathy for the families of those killed in the Pulwama attack

Musharraf said that I express my heartfelt sympathies to the soldiers killed in the Pulwama. My whole sympathy for his family. I have lost my best friend in the 1971 war. I know what happens to the loss of losing ones.

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