launch Kalashnikov rifles unit in Amethi

Attacking Rahul’s Amethi, Modi said, “We did realized the dream of ‘Made in Amethi’

PM Modi launch Kalashnikov rifles unit in Amethi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday only from his parliamentary seat. PM Modi, while blaming Rahul Gandhi, said that he roams and says, Made in Ujjain, Made in Indore and Made in Jaipur, but it is Modi, who has made ‘Made in Amethi’ true. While inaugurating the Ordinance Factory built for the construction of modern Clashikov-203 rifles, PM Modi said that he promised employment to 1,500 people in the factory, but only 200 people were given employment in the eyes of Amethi people. . The PM said that the people of Amethi roam of employment in the world deceiving the youth.

PM Modi said that work should have started here 8-9 years ago. This factory of Korba was established to build modern rifles, but it was not fully used. Three years after the foundation stone, the previous government could not decide which weapons would be built in it. Building was not created. Work should have begun in 2010, but its building hangs till 2013. As the building was built, so did no work like construction of modern rifles.

‘Amethi proves, everyone’s development slogan’

PM Modi questioned the people present in the rally, and said, “I want to know from you that not having modern rifles was not an injustice to our brave soldiers. The injustice done or not happened with the resources here. Whether injustice is done to the troubled youth or not. PM Modi said that in 2014 we had talked about development and development of everyone. Its Amethi example. Those who voted for us and those who did not give us, they too are ours. Where the seat is found, it is also ours and where the seat is not found, it is ours too.

538 crores project launched for Amethi(launch Kalashnikov rifles unit in Amethi )

PM Modi said that you gave so much love that Smriti Irani has worked hard in 5 years. He has done more than he has done. It does not seem that they do not win here. Prior to his address, PM Narendra Modi launched Rs 538 crore worth of projects in Amethi.

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