Ayodhya case hearing

Ayodhya case hearing: New bench will hear Ayodhya case, fast track if possible

Ayodhya case hearing In the Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi case, the Supreme Court has announced the formation of the new bench while hearing on Friday. The court said that a special bench will be formed for the day-to-day hearing of the matter, whose names will be decided from 6 to 7 January. If the fast track courts hear the matter under the court, the decision of the year-old dispute can come in just 60 days.

The Supreme Court has announced the formation of a new bench while hearing the case related to the ownership of the disputed land in Ayodhya on Friday. The Supreme Court has said that the new bench will hear the case on January 10. It is believed that the new Benches and the names of the judges who will join it will be announced till 6-7 January. Meanwhile, the Hindu Mahasabha’s lawyer present during the hearing in the Supreme Court has said that if the new Bench makes the hearings on daily basis, then this year’s controversial decision can come in 60 days.

On Friday, the lawyer of the Hindu Mahasabha said that we will keep our case before the bench hearing the matter on January 10 and appeal to the hearing in the matter everyday. He said that in this case, each side has been kept in its favor, the documents have been exchanged, the translation process has been completed.

Allahabad High Court had heard in 90 days(Ayodhya case hearing)

The lawyer of the Hindu Mahasabha said that Allahabad High Court had taken its decision in the Ayodhya matter for 90 days in a day’s hearing. Therefore, it is an appeal to the Supreme Court that if both sides cooperate on the issue then the verdict can come within 60 days.

The lawyer of the Hindu Mahasabha said that we will appeal to the hearing soon. There is no connection with the election, the elections will keep coming and going. The court is a separate institution. Therefore, the Ayodhya matter should not be seen by adding to it. Soon hearing is because the religious sentiments of the people of Hindu religion are waiting for 500 years.

Salve and Dhawan did not get a chance to keep their talk

During the hearing on Friday, a bench of Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justice SK Kaul said, “We will forward further order on January 10 to decide the date of hearing of an appropriate bench.” As soon as the matter came up for hearing, the Chief Justice said that this is the Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid case and passed the order on it. Senior advocates Harish Salve and Rajiv Dhawan present on behalf of different parties did not get any chance to talk. The trial of the case did not last for 30 seconds.

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