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Ayodhya ram mandir latest news: Center asks for return of 67 acres of land, different opinions of parties

Ayodhya ram mandir latest news: On the request of returning the non-disputed land in Ayodhya in the Supreme Court of the Central Government, the reactions of saints-saints are coming out. UP Yogi Adityanath has also welcomed the decision.

Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the central government has requested the Supreme Court to remove the status quo on non-disputed land in Ayodhya. On this, the reactions of the followers of Ayodhya, the saints and the two sides (Ram Mandir – Babri Masjid) are also being revealed. UP Yogi Adityanath also welcomed the government’s petition. He said, “We welcome this move of the center. We have already said that we should get permission for the use of non-disputed land. ‘

Ayodhya ram mandir latest news: Satyendra Das, priest of Ram Janmabhoomi temple on the petition of the return of 67 acres of central government, said that the central government can withdraw undisputed 67 acres of acquired land but unless the sanctum sanctorum of the sanctuary is decided, the temple construction can not begin . He said, ‘The court is defying the hearing of the temple-Masjid case by giving a continuous date. The decision should be taken soon or the government, by making a law in Parliament, resolved the dispute and fulfilled its promise.

Ayodhya ram mandir latest news

Haji Mahbub, the other party of the Babri Masjid, reacted sharply and said, “This is a political game where circumstances like 1990 can be born. The government has expressed its intention to give land to the trust, but in the purpose of acquisition it has been clearly stated that the decision on which side will come, will be allotted to it. He said that we should not have any objection to construct a temple anywhere except the disputed land, but the disputed 2.77 acres should be safe.

‘Petition should have been filed in 2014’

Dr. Ram Vilas Vedanti, senior member of the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust said that the petition for withdrawal of 67 acres of land was lifted late but the central government has taken a good step. He said, “This petition should have been filed at the time when the BJP government was formed in 2014. So far, the construction of the temple would have continued and the court’s decision had also come. Now if the decision on the petition in the court comes back to the undisputed land trust, then the temple will be started.

VHP welcomes government’s move

Alok Kumar, International Executive President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), said, “We welcome the steps taken by the government.” He said, “The then government acquired a total of 67.703 acres of land in 1993. It included the land of Ram Janmabhoomi Trust. ‘ He said that the land with the disputed structure was just 0.313 acres. Apart from this, the rest of the land, including the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust, is not on the disputed site. We hope that the Supreme Court will decide on this petition as soon as possible. ”

Court had earlier instructed not to allow any religious activity.

Explain that the Center has said in the court that it wants to return the 67-acre plot to its owner Ram Janmabhoomi Trust. This land was acquired by the then Narasimha Rao government of the then Congress in 1993. Later in the court, he instructed to maintain status quo and not allow any religious activity.(Ayodhya ram mandir latest news)

According to the Central Government’s petition, there is a dispute over the 0.313 acres of land which was in the disputed structure. The rest of the land is acquired land. While the other parties believe that the disputed site is on 2.77 acres of land, Allahabad High Court has divided equally among the three parties. Subsequently, the Supreme Court’s Constitution bench ordered the creation of the status quo on the entire land acquired in 67.707 acres in 2003.

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