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Baahubali actor Prabhas posted his first picture on Instagram, 9 million followers in 2 days

‘Bahubali’ actor Prabhas, on April 16, two days before, debuted on Instagram, and his fan-following with only one post has reached nearly 9 lakhs. Prabhas is in the process of preparing for his next film Saoho, and in the meantime he also hit Entagram.

The number of his fans on the Instagram is 8 lakh 59 thousand in two days and this number is increasing rapidly. However, you would also want to tell here that they do not have this account validated at the moment. Prabhas posted a photo 16 hours ago on his photo sharing website, which has so far attracted more than 2 lakh 75 thousand people. Prabhas shared his first photo of ‘Chubblali’, in which he is seen holding the sword.(actor Prabhas)

Let me tell you that a press release issued a few days ago was told that Prabhas is coming to the Instagram. It was also said that Instagram was preparing to enter that grand way, but the truth is that it has started in a fairly simple way. Their account name is @actorprabhas

The funny thing is that Prabhas did not display the picture or post a post after hitting Instagram. In spite of this, the number of followers has reached in lakhs.

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