Balakot air strikes

Balakot air strikes- Woman officer who foiled Pak air raids will be honored

After Balakot air strikes, when Pakistan tried to attack India with the intention of changing it, then the Air Force had completely failed it. Indian pilots dispersed the jets of neighboring countries across the border. In this whole event, the bravery of Wing Commander Abhinandan was discussed very well, but many names of other people who had the hand in making the action successful remained anonymous. In these there was also a female squadron leader who, with his senses and extraordinary vigilance, gave complete support to the attack.

At present, the name of this officer has not been revealed and may not have come in terms of security, but his bravery will certainly honor the Air Force. According to the information, his name has been recommended for the Air Force special service medal.

Pakistani jets have full eyesight

Women’s Squadron Leaders are in the role of Fighter Controller in Air Force. At present, he is posting at the IAF Radar Control Station located in Punjab. On February 27, when the 24-f-16, JF-17S and Miraj-5 were attacked by Pakistan, the Fighter Controller handled the stressful atmosphere and constantly kept the Indian fighter pilots aware of Pakistani jets. .

Pakistan will attack, it was already clear-(Balakot air strikes)

Air Force was getting input from that morning that Pakistan was preparing for the attack. Then by 9.45 it was clear that Pakistan Air Force sent its fighter planes to the Line of Control. After a while, 4 jets of PAF made LoC Cross from the Kalal area of ​​Rajouri.

Then Squadron Leader alerts two Sukhoi and two Miraj from the control room without losing time. When it was seen that Pakistan and Jets are also coming, then they asked 6 MiGs to fly from the nearest airbase (Srinagar). It is said that suddenly the Pakistani pilots were shocked by the arrival of the MiG Plains. In this entire operation, Squadron Leader was also an important role. The female squadron leader had told the pilots that Pakistan had attacked F-16, which has a medium-range AIM-120C advanced missile.

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