Bangalore suicide case

On the train engine, took the bare wire in hand and committed suicide

Bangalore suicide case: Karnataka’s capital Bangalore has reported a young man’s heartbreaking heartache. According to the information, the young man caught on a train engine caught the bare wire from the palm. As long as people on the station could understand something, The young man bursts in breathed his last.

According to the police, this incident happened at 12.30 pm on Friday at the chhawani station. Police said that the people at the station heard a loud voice and all ran towards that. But, there was a young man who was hanging on bare wire, who had died.

On receiving the information, the station police team reached the spot. The body was removed by removing the power connection After this he was taken to a local hospital. Police said that due to the body and clothes being completely burnt, it has not been identified yet.

Do not recognize the deceased right now
According to the police, nothing has been found on the spot so that something can be said about the deceased. Although the police have claimed that they are trying to identify the deceased through CCTV footage etc. Meanwhile, officials of South Western Railway have said that the accident has not affected the operation of any train.(Bangalore suicide case)

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