Banking Fraud

Banking Frauds, Getting Started With Google Maps And Search

There are new approaches to banking fraud, but this method is quite simple and weird too. Because Google can not change it under its policy.

Now being fraud by using Google Maps. Banking scams are being shocked by the use of Google search and Maps, which are shocking. Scammers take advantage of Google’s imperfections in this. It is not too difficult.

How are these scams(Banking Fraud)

Under Google’s User Generated Content Policy, any information on any Google Maps page can be edited. This includes phone numbers and addresses.

To fool people and make money from their bank account, scammers enter wrong numbers and information in place of the bank on Google Maps and Google search content.

Banking Fraud

People think that the number given on Google will be correct and they call it as the bank’s number. From there the caller also speaks like a bank employee and the caller does not know that he is a fraud. In this way, he asks the user for his card and required details. There are several ways after the details are received which can be withdrawn from the bank.

According to a report of The Hindu, SB Balasingh Rajput of Maharashtra State Cyber ​​Police has said, “We have received three complaints which belong to Bank of India. In all three of these cases we have immediately informed Google.

He said that many customers search the bank contact details on the internet and after that they call for information on the wrong number. They do not know that they are talking to scammers and give sensational information related to their bank. These include PINs and CVVs, which are important details of the debit card. From this, the other person on the other hand makes money from their bank account.

Google has accepted this fraud, but the edit option is still there.

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