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BCCI’s double attitude on Indo-Pak matches: PCB chairman charged

Indo-Pak matches – The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has accused the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) of adopting a double attitude. Ehsan Mani, the newly appointed PCB president, has said that there is a lot of duplication in the BCCI’s attitude towards Indo-Pak matches. India plays us in the ICC Tournament, but does not play bilateral cricket. We have to talk about this.

India played 10 matches in Pakistan in the last five years in the ICC tournament

Money has said, “BCCI has been refusing to play bilateral cricket series with India since January 2013, referring to the tense atmosphere and has played 10 matches in Pakistan in the ICC tournament since then.” Asia Cup One Day Tournament in September In both the teams had played two matches. ”

The PCB president said in an interview given to Cricinfo, “People desire that the cricket relations between the two countries can be improved, we can improve this relationship with the cricket series.” When two countries play each other, millions of cricket fans see it . ”

He said, “The relations of our countries can not be better in any way other than sports and culture, for me it is more important than money. Indo-Pak people want to see both of these teams play, but all depend on politics In India, elections are due next year, there is no hope of improvement in his attitude. ”

Money said, “The popularity of matches between Indo-Pak is quite high, but PCB wants to play to improve relations instead of money. The Indian government has deprived the fans of their country from seeing these exciting bouts.”

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