9 Quick beauty tips for girls and women’s

  • Sensitive skin types should stick to skincare products that are free of heavy
    scents and fragrances,(beauty tips for girls) as these contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. Avoid scrubbing your face and over washing.
  • Keep breakouts and pimples at bay by not touching your face with your handsbeauty tips for girls
    often. The bacteria and oils on your fingers can easily transfer to your complexion, making it a breeding ground for pimples.
  • Lip liner should be used for lipstick colors that are darker or really bright. These
    types of lip color tend to spread over the lips, causing an undefined look. Natural
    or lighter shades should skip the liner.
  • Natural bristles pick up more color, causing makeup to fall around the lower
    crease of the eye making dark circles look darker. To neutralize bluish circles
    choose a brown eye shadow with a subtle gold shimmer

9 Quick beauty tips for girls and women’s

  • Keep your hands young by using hand cream/lotion every day. Keep it in your
    purse, car or at your desk at work. A small amount each day will preserve your
    hands’ youth for years to come.
  • For a do-it-yourself lip exfoliator, apply a small amount of cocoa butter and
    sugar onto your fingertip or toothbrush and gently brush onto your lips. Rinse
    afterwards. Do this 1-2 times a day for smooth lips.
  • A trade secret for models that have dark circles is to apply black eyeliner and
    glossy mascara to the top lids and lashes only. Leave the bottom lashes dusted
    with eye shadow and powder.
  • Before trying a new skincare product, visit your local skincare counter and ask
    for sample sizes first. Use those and see how your skin reacts after the first few
    days. Then decide if you want to pay full price.
  • Snack smart by reaching for water instead of soda, fruit instead of cookies and
    chips and vegetables in place of sweets. Switching the wrong foods with the right
    ones help you stay fit and satisfy your cravings.

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