Some most important Beauty tips for women’s and Girls

Many scrubs contain aromatic essential oils: geranium tightens and tones skin,(Beauty tips)chamomile is calming for sensitive skin, sage soaks up oily skin and eucalyptus
does some serious sinus-clearing.

Fenugreek is a powerful anti-blackhead herb. Make a paste out of water and
fresh crushed fenugreek leaves. Apply to the face for 10 – 15 minutes. Rinse with
warm water. Repeat every night before bed.

You can make your fine or thin hair work in your favor with the right haircut
and style. If you’re feeling daring, you can pull off a crop cut, which is a short,
tapered style.

Professional flat irons are worth the investment and give you great results in
the long run. Some pricier flat irons are more favorable and have the technology
to prevent long term damage to your tresses.
Beauty tips
Snack smart by reaching for water instead of soda, fruit instead of cookies and
chips and vegetables in place of sweets. Switching the wrong foods with the right
ones help you stay fit and satisfy your cravings.

Women should take in more calcium because of conditions such as
osteoporosis—1,000 mg per day is recommended for women younger than 50
years of age and 1,200 mg for those 50+.

Natural bristles pick up more color, causing makeup to fall around the lower crease of the eye making dark circles look darker. To neutralize bluish circles choose a brown eye shadow with a subtle gold shimmer.

Lip liner should be used for lipstick colors that are darker or really bright. These
types of lip color tend to spread over the lips, causing an undefined look. Natural
or lighter shades should skip the liner.

To find the perfect jean, curvy figures should choose dark denim with a longer,
boot cut. You will look your best in styles that draw attention to your entire
silhouette rather than to a specific area.

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