10% reservation for the upper caste people

Before the Lok Sabha elections, the big announcement of the Modi government, 10% reservation for the upper caste people

10% reservation for the upper caste people: Prior to the Lok Sabha elections, the Narendra Modi government took a big decision. In the Union Cabinet meeting on Monday, it has been decided that 10 percent reservation will now be given to the upper castes. These reservations will be given to economically weaker sections. Let me tell you that the way the Modi government reversed the decision of the SC / ST Act in 2018, it was being told that the senior citizens were angry.

It is believed that on Tuesday, Modi Government can present the Constitution Amendment Bill in Parliament. Let it be said that on Tuesday the Parliament is the last day of the winter session.

Who will get the benefit?

The person who has more property than the fixed limit will not get the benefit of this amendment. Assuming the sources, the reservation can get eight million annual income and lesser than 5 acres of land. Apart from this, those who have their own house on government land (DDA, the land of the Corporation) will not be able to get the benefit.

All these benefits will get(10% reservation for the upper caste people)

> Whose annual income is less than 8 lakhs

> Those who have less than 5 lakh farming land

> Who have less than 1000 square feet house

> Those with less than not less than 109 yards of land in the notified land

> Who has less than 209 yards of non-notified land of the corporation

Who had not yet come under any kind of reservation

Constitution must change

Let me tell you that the Modi government is bringing this reservation on an economic basis, which has no system in the Constitution. In the Constitution, there has been talk of reservations on the basis of caste, in which the government has to amend the constitution to implement it. This decision of the government is being linked to the Lok Sabha elections.

The government will soon change the constitution for this. For this, changes in Article 15 and Article 16 of the Constitution will be made. Changing both the paragraphs will give way to clear reservations on economic basis.

The BJP was angry with the people!

Let us know that last year when the Supreme Court had ordered the change in the SC / ST Act, then the Dalits had performed a lot throughout the country. In view of which the central government had changed the decision of the Supreme Court. It was believed that the Modi Government’s decision has become very angry with the people. After the closure of the Dalits, the upper castes also called for the closure of India.(10% reservation for the upper caste people)

Congress –

Ami Yagnik of Congress says that there is considerable technical difficulties on this type of reservation, what is the purpose of reservation in this way before the Lok Sabha elections, it will also have to be seen. He said that it may take a lot of time for the bill to come and pass on this issue. The government is not serious about this issue.

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale

Union Minister Ramdas Athawale has welcomed this decision. They say that this decision of the government is very good, this will benefit a large section of society. He said that there are many people in the upper castes who are economically weak.

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