Begusarai Lok Sabha seat

Begusarai Lok Sabha seat: Has Kanhaiya spoiled the math of Giriraj Singh?

Begusarai Lok Sabha seat: The political struggle in Begusarai, which is called Leningrad in Bihar, has become very interesting. On the one hand,  leftist Kanhaiya Kumar, who is in the center of the dynasty, is for the first time on a CPI ticket, the RJD has fielded Tanvir Hassan again. Even before entering this electoral maze, BJP candidate and Union minister Giriraj Singh has raised his hand. Giriraj is demanding ticket from Nawada or Araria. The discussion is also that they no longer want to fight elections.

Now, instead of Nawada, Giriraj Singh, who is openly annoyed at getting a ticket from Begusarai, has now added it to self-esteem. On Sunday, he said, ‘Without asking me, the seat was changed without consultation. The party did not take me into confidence before changing the seat, it has hurt my self-esteem. No MP or ministerial seat was changed in Bihar, but why did this happen to me? I am sad about it. ‘ In fact, there are many political reasons behind the not contesting from the Begusarai of Giriraj. Let’s know what are the reasons behind the fear of Giriraj Singh …

Mathematics of Bhumihar votes in Begusarai

Mridraj Singh Begusarai, who is often in discussion with his statements, is not satisfied with the math of votes in caste based politics. BJP’s Bhola Singh had defeated RJD’s Tanvir Hassan by nearly 58 thousand votes in the 2014 elections in Begusarai, the stronghold of Left parties. Bhola Singh of BJP got 4.28 lakh votes while Tanvir Hassan of RJD got 3.70 lakh votes. CPI’s Rajendra Prasad Singh was at number three with 1,92,639 votes.

The number of people of Bhumihar voters is about 4.75 lakh in Begusarai Lok Sabha constituency. There are 2.5 lakh Muslims, Kushwaha and Kurmi about two lakh and the number of Yadav voters is about 1.5 lakh. After being fielded from Begusarai on the ticket of CPI (K), Kanhaiya Kumar, leader of the JNU Student Union, the political equation is changing in this seat. Kanhaiya is popular among the youth and belongs to the Bhumihar community. On the other hand, Giriraj Singh is also Bhumihar. Giriraj Singh is afraid that if Kanhaiya kills Bhumihar votes on this new seat, his defeat is certain.

Fear of ‘lotus’ fury in Red ‘Garh’ – Begusarai Lok Sabha seat

The land of Begusarai is the stronghold of the Left. From here, the Left movement was born and reached the summit. This was the leader of Bhumihar caste among the people of the whole Left movement. For long time, Bhumihars have supported CPI. However, in the last few elections, Bhumiharas have started supporting BJP and JDU. Yogendra Sharma of CPI won the general elections in 1967. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2004, Rajiv Ranjan Singh of JDU, Dr. Monjeeer Hassan of the year 2009 and Bhola Singh of BJP won the year 2014. Both Rajiv Ranjan and Bhola Singh were Bhumihar.

Thus, Begusarai’s soil has been long lasting for the CPI. It is said that Giriraj Singh wanted to fight Begusarai even in 2014, but he was given ticket from Nawada. After Bhola Singh’s demise, the BJP has now given ticket from Giriraj Singh Begusarai. In the context of caste equation, Giriraj Singh’s position on the strength of Bhumihar, Brahmin, Kayastha and Kurmi votes is strong on this seat but he has expressed his resentment on getting ticket from this seat. Analysts believe that due to Giriraj Singh’s fear, his position of party and party has weakened on this seat.

(Begusarai Lok Sabha seat)

Giriraj resigns, Kanhaiya gets chance 

After Giriraj Singh’s statement Kanhaiya Kumar has now got the chance. Kanhaiya is now in the aggressor currency and is constantly straining. He took a dig at Giriraj Singh as the Visa Minister of the Pakistan Tour and Travel Department. Kanhaiya wrote from his official Twitter handle, “Let us say that the visa minister of Pakistan Tour and Travels Department, who forcibly dispatched the people to Pakistan, got hurt on being sent to Begusarai by Nawada.” He has written further, ‘The minister has said that he is the son-in-law of Vanakkam.’

Nirvada was safe seat for Giriraj 

Nawada seat was a safe seat for Giriraj Singh. About 30 percent of the voters are Bhumihar. Giriraj hoped that he would reach the Lok Sabha once again with the help of Bhumihar, Brahmin, Kayastha and non-backward votes. He was not even here to challenge a leader like Kanhaiya. However, after the split of seats in NDM, this seat is now in LJP account. BJP has occupied Nawada seat for last 10 years. In 2014, Giriraj won the Nawada seat with more than one lakh votes.

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