Benefits of Coconut Oil
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Benefits of Coconut Oil For Skin Care and Energy boost

Benefits of  Coconut Oil For Skin Care:

  • Makes your skin soft and smooth to the touch
  • Gives your skin an overall healthy glow
  • Helps your complexion keep its natural moisture
  • Firms your skin
  • Prevents breakdown of natural collagens
  • Promotes healthy new skin cells
  • Prevents liver spots
  • Prevents wrinkles

Coconut Water is Packed with Energizing Nutrients

Young, green coconuts produce the coconut water,but it’s not just for drinking. It’s also naturally sterile. In tropical countries where coconut trees grow wild, they use a combination of coconut water and coconut oil to heal skin injuries.

Take a drink and you’ll be re-vitalized almost immediately. Within five minutes, you’ll feel a burst of energy, have clarity of mind and a sense of well-being.

MCTs Seem to Act Like an “Anti-Fat Fat.”

How does it work? MCTs — like those in coconut oil — tell your body to burn fat for fuel, instead of storing it.

In another study, Canadian researchers looked at a group of overweight men. And sure enough, eating more MCTs put their metabolism into high gear… and started them burning more fat. In just four weeks, they lost an average of about 2.5 pounds.

As I mentioned earlier, this group didn’t diet nor exercise. The only change was swapping out unhealthy fats for MCTs.

I also discovered something else when reading through the study… the thinner the men were, the better MCTs worked. It’s sort of like a snowball effect.So your results could just keep getting better and better.

Research also supports using green coconut water for an upset stomach and diarrhea. Sometimes, it’s hard to drink much water when your stomach is upset. But you need lots of water to rehydrate when you have diarrhea. That’s
one thing that’s great about coconut water. It’s just as good as plain water for rehydration… but it’s gentler on your stomach, so you can drink more.

Coconut water is also cleaner than most other water. So it’s often safer to drink than the local water when you’re traveling. In fact, coconut water is so pure, I’ve sometimes seen it used as an emergency IV fluid in surgery.

If you don’t have coconut trees in your yard like I do, you can still get coconut water. Many health food stores sell fresh coconuts now. The raw, fresh water will always be the best tasting coconut water you can get.

Some others brands that are worth looking a little harder for are:

  • Harmless Harvest – It’s made with 100% raw, organic coconut water.
  • Taste Nirvana – All their coconuts come from one place: Samui Island in Thailand.
  • Nature Factor – The first to be certified organic.
  • Blue Monkey – They make sure their coconuts come from local Southeast Asian groves that use sustainable farming practices.
  • Naked Pure Coconut Water – Also made from Brazilian green coconuts.
  • C2O Pure Coconut Water – Made from inland coconuts grown in fresh water conditions, which taste a bit different from either Brazilian or Thai coconuts.

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