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Big Boss 12 -Surbhi said, Mantle then tried to escape from the house of Sreesanth

Since coming into Big Boss 12, the cricketer Sreesanth has taken everyone’s attention to him. Now with the other participants of the show, they are discussing their mind-boggling. Nowadays, as soon as he escapes from the Big Boss house, Rumil Chaudhary and Surabhi Rana are in the discussion due to tension.

Assistance in winning Deepika: Recently Sreesanth was sent to the Secret Room. Later, he returned home with plans to expose Deepika Kakar. On the return, he also made several claims of teaching a lesson to Deepika. But during the recent luxury budget task, when Sreesanth helped Deepika in helping the game, other members of the house turned against him.

Members said double standards: Sreesanth spit in Deepak’s name while distributing Tasks to Deepika. With this work, other members of the house became angry. There was a dispute between Surbhi and Sreesanth about this matter. On which Surabhi declared him mentally ill. Rumi, Jasleen, Srishti and Somi also questioned Sreesanth’s intentions. The members called them double standard.

Rumila jumped joke: In addition, Rumi also joked to say Sreesanth’s going home. Members said that they have made mistakes by supporting Sreesanth. After this Sreesanth tried to escape from the house and also tried to climb one of the walls of the house.

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