Bihar Crime

Husband wanted kill, for save yourself the woman reached the Maternal home by 10 km cycling at night

Bihar Crime: Conspiracy to kill Putul of Kanu Tola in Bhagwanpur police station area of ​​Bihar’s Vaishali district was conspired by her husband Prem Sav. Putul came to know that on Tuesday night the husband and in-laws are going to kill him. The family members were eating dinner in the night, when she secretly left for the maternal home.

If no vehicle was found, then he decided to go cycling. To save lives, he set a distance of 10 kilometers from the in-laws (Akbar Maalai Sarai) to Maike (Kanu Tola Bhagwanpur).

Putul fired on his brother: After this incident, love followed Putul and reached Kanu Tola, his house. Meanwhile, Putul’s brother Chandan tried to stop him. In the clash, Chandan shot dead in a chest, causing him to be severely injured.(Bihar Crime)

The business was demanding money: Chandan told the police that there was a marriage of Putul and Prem Sah about five years ago. A few days after the marriage, he started bothering us for dowry. A few days ago he had given the bike, but now his demand was increasing. We refuse to pay money. After this he started bothering our sister.

The advantage of learning bicycle: Putul said, “I had learned to run cycling at school, I got the benefit now, I did not choose Man Road to run, I reached the house with difficulty from the raw road and trail.”

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