fake claim to army coup

BJP attacks congress says they make fake claim to army coup

Fake claim to army coup: During the UPA-2 government’s tenure in 2012, the BJP attacked the Congress on the references of the army’s alleged coup, in reference to a newspaper report. While referring to the report,

the BJP said that it has been defamed by publishing wrong information of the coup against the army. In Delhi, BJP press conference said that four ministers of the Manmohan Singh government were involved in this conspiracy. The BJP has asked Congress President Rahul Gandhi to answer this matter.

The BJP alleged that during the Congress Party’s tenure, not only corruption was done in the country, but also national security was fluttered. The BJP alleged that a conspiracy was hatched against the Indian Army during the UPA-II regime. In January 2012, news of the alleged coup reported by the army in a newspaper was published. After this news there was quite a frenzy in the country.

Party spokesman GVL Narasimha said at the BJP headquarters in Delhi that senior leaders of Congress had planted news reports against the Indian Army during the UPA regime.

Narasimha said during the UPA-II tenure, four ministers of the Manmohan Singh government had conspired to publish false reports against the country’s army. The army was insulted by printing the false news of the military coup in a newspaper newspaper. It was a betrayer from the country.(fake claim to army coup)

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