BJP Chief launched a scorching attack

BJP Chief launched a Scorching Attack on Congress, lists government’s achievements

BJP Chief Amit Shah launched a scorching attack on Congress while addressing BJP Minority Morcha in New Delhi. In his speech he listed the achievements of the government. He particularly focused on the women empowerment issue and crackdown on corruption. BJP Chief gave the details of everything that his government has done so far too lift the standard of living of the people of this country and to give sleepless nights to the corrupts of this country. President went on to talk about the scholarships given to more than 3 crore students to continue their studies.

BJP Chief launched scorching attack and gave a comparative study of the works done by the UPA government and the NDA government in the past four and a half years. Shah also urged the members to show the list of their work done by government in just 5 years that UPA government could not do in more than 50 years of rule.

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