BJP Hits back

BJP Hits back at Congress after Hindutva comment

BJP Hits back at Congress after the comment made by Senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor earlier today about the Hindus and Hindutva. BJP questioned in its attack whether Hindus were the easiest target. They went on to say that Congress is deliberately trying to malign the Hindus. Besides Hinduism, they target Hindu  day by day and by passing objectionable comments.

Earlier today Shashi Tharoor tweeted that Hindutva breaks the country. And this came days after his objectionable comment of Kumbh dip.

On one hand Rahul Gandhi is having temple run to prove himself a Hindu. On the other hand, senior Congress leaders making such anti Hindu comments. Both don’t seem to buy each other. The BJP hits back and questioned the Congress if the Hindus were their easiest target and not other communities. As the General Election cruises in, many verbal war is on the cards.

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