BJP MLA comments on objectionable comments on Mayawati

BJP MLA comments on objectionable comments on Mayawati, said – she is worse than shemale

BJP MLA comments on objectionable comments on Mayawati: BJP’s Mugalsarai MLA Vidya Sadhana Singh has made a controversial comment on BSP chief Mayawati. There is strong criticism in its political circles. Sadhna Singh said in a meeting: Mayawati is neither a woman nor a man. They are worse than they are. He went to Lucknow’s guest house and forgot about his removal and teamed up with the SP. SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has described this statement as bankruptcy of BJP leaders.

Sadhna Singh said in a meeting in Chandauli, “We do not have a former chief minister nor a man. They do not understand their respect. Draupadi was a rift, then he pledged to take revenge from the dictator. She was a self-respecting woman. And there is a woman today, everything was robbed and still sold all her respect to get a chair. Such lady Mayawati ji disrespects us through this program. Which is a stigma on women’s caste. “(BJP MLA comments on objectionable comments on Mayawati)

He further said, “The day the woman is removed, her blouse bursts, the petticoat explodes, the saree explodes, the woman comes forward for power, she is tarnished. She is also hesitant to say women. She is worse than she is because she is neither male nor female. ”

Satish Mishra said, recruit BJP leaders in madhouse

On the remarks of Sadhana, the BSP has reversed. Party leader Satish Chandra Mishra said, “Sadhna Singh’s statement reflects BJP’s level. After the SP and the BSP combine, the brains have gone wrong with the BJP leaders and they should be admitted to the Mental Hospital (mental hospital) of Agra or Bareilly. ”

Women’s Commission took cognizance

National Women’s Commission has taken cognizance of this objectionable comment of the BJP MLA. They are issued a notice and the answer is being sought.

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