BJP MP speaks at #MeToo

BJP MP speaks at #MeToo-10 years after the allegation of sexual assault

While Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has endorsed the #MeToo Campaign, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Udit Raj has raised questions.

These days, through the #MeToo Campaign, women are exposing themselves in the past about sexual abuse incidents in the social media. Many people have come in the jadis of allegations. From which this campaign has become a discussion-e-special.

All the people are expressing their opinion about this. But Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Udayaraj has given shocking feedback. They have raised questions about this campaigning. The charges under the campaign have been termed as the beginning of the wrong practice. According to the MP, how long it will be to investigate his truthfulness after accusing him for a long time. False accusations can damage the image of anybody.

BJP MP Uditraj tweeted: # MeToo Campaign is essential but what does it mean to make a person accused of sexually assaulting after 10 years? After so many years, how will the truth of such a matter be investigated? It is a matter of thinking that the person who will be accused of false will be a big loss. The beginning of the wrong practice.

Union Minister Maneka Gandhi’s opinion on #MeTo(BJP MP speaks at #MeToo)

While BJP MP Uditraj has raised questions about the ‘#me to’ campaign, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi has supported this campaign before this. The Women and Child Development Minister said that he has proposed that any victim can complain of sexual harassment even after the ’10 -15 years’ of the incident.

Describing ‘#mu to’ campaign, Maneka said, “I hope that it will not go out of control in such a way that we aim to target those people which have caused us problems. But I believe women are angry about sexual harassment. ‘Maneka Gandhi said that women were encouraged to come out and complain with the #MeCoCampaign.

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