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Boney kapoor announcement , i will not rest till then complete sridevi movie sridevi bungalow

sridevi movie sridevi bungalow: Sudden death of Sridevi was an unbearable incident for her family. The recently released Priya Prakash Warrior’s film, Sridevi Banglo’s Teaser, once again revived the wounds of Kapoor Family. After the bathtub scene in Teaser, Bonnie Kapoor sent a legal notice to the film’s actress and director. Now Bonnie is in the mood to close the film.

Bonnie: After the release of Teaser, Bonnie is very sad to be seen in the film for her wife’s name and her death scene. According to the news of India Today, Bonni’s close friend told in an interview that Bonni did not come out saying anything because he does not want his late wife’s name to be used for the publicity of the movie. But they will take every legal action to stop the film.(sridevi movie sridevi bungalow)

Director cleansing: Sridevi Banglo’s Director Prashant Mambuli has given his clemency to Boney in this matter that Sridevi is a very common name and his film is suspense thriller. But it is unbearable for Boney to watch the scene of his wife’s death. So till the film is closed, they will not be silent.

Bonnie’s claim is not allowed: According to the news of the Entertainment website Bollywood Life, the notice has been sent on the basis that the director has not given permission to shoot Sridevi’s name or scenes of his death prior to making the film.

The director said – we will fight: After receiving notice for Teaser, Director Prashant Mumbuli said – I had told Boney Ji that Sridevi is the common name. And it’s a movie made on the actress’s life. So we will fight against this notice. Meanwhile Priya’s father also refused to give any answers regarding legal notice.

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