Bulandshahr Violence

Bulandshahr Violence: Video of Sumit and the crowd came in front

Bulandshahr Violence :In the violence on Monday, Inspector Subodh Kumar and a young man named Sumit were killed. Now the video of Sumit’s injuries has surfaced.

After the violence in Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh, different information is now coming out. After the video of Inspector Subodh Kumar, in-charge of Sayana police station, became viral, another video has now emerged, in which a young man named Sumit is being wounded.

In this video, the young man named Sumit is seen soaked with blood. The crowd of young people present with Sumit is very excited. People in the crowd are talking about Sumit being told to be shot and to take him to the hospital immediately. At the same time, these angry people are also calling for the killers of the shooters.

Bulandshahr Violence

What’s in the video(Bulandshahr Violence)

It can be heard in the video that after the shooting of Sumit, the young man accompanying him got angry and started talking about killing a policeman in front of a farmer in front of the farm. Sumit is showing bleeding in his stomach and some young men are taking him by the side.

With the voice of ‘shot … shot …’ in the video, it is being said that ‘this is shot by him … hit it …’ a policeman standing in the field behind a wall The gun is appearing in The angry mob is seen standing on the side of this policeman standing alone and the poles are also seen in his hands. On the other hand, some other Pulikarmi are also seen on the other side and the angry crowd is showing growing on them.

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It was reported that on Monday, a cow was forced to cut cow in a village in Mau village of Sayana police station, after which a crowd of three villages had gathered outside Chingravathi police post. According to the police, there was a confrontation between the police and the crowd about the opening of the jam during this period and in this episode, Subodh Kumar was shot and killed by the inspector.

In this case, the police has started arrests, but the main accused and district coordinator of Bajrang Dal Yogesh Raj is still absconding.

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