Can Whats-app be closed from India

Can Whats-app be closed from India? What is the truth

Can Whats-app be closed from India: Although WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app all over the world, but in India it is more popular than other countries. There are also plenty of users here Any news related to Whatsapp affects the people here. Now a news is coming that if the company continues to force for some special change on WhatsApp, then the company can go back from India.

What is the truth in this news

In fact, Fake News and Rumor have been immensely viral via Whatsapp. Because of this, mobs have also been lined in the country. The government is pressurizing Whatsapp to stop the company to find out where the news and rumors are being circulated. But Whatsapp can not do this because of its policy. Whatsapp has already refused to do so.

Actually the communications head of Whatsapp, Carl Wong has released a statement. The news agency has given this statement to the agency. However, in this statement, he has not said that Whatsapp is going to be closed from India. His statement is, ‘The suggested changes are not possible due to strong privacy protection. This is not possible due to end-to-end encryption. It can not be judged as to what is going to come forward.

Karl Wong has told IANS, “In proposing regulation, there is talk of tracing the message of something which is worrying us.” He said that Whatsapp is by default and is end-to-end and encrypted. This means that no third person can trace or read these messages except Sender and Receiver. Even for Whatsapp, it is not possible for users to read messages.
Karl Wong has said that without the end and encryption feature, WhatsApp will become a completely new product. Apart from this, he has also said that under this regulation, Whatsapp will have to be re-architected, if that happens, then WhatsApp will not be as it is now.

What is the truth- Can Whats-app be closed from India

Overall, Carl Wong also says that it is impossible to trace the sender for Whatsapp, and he also does not want to do that. This can lead to identity crisis with Whatsapp. Although they have not said anything new, Whatsapp has already said similar things about tracing the origins of the message.

The benefits of end to and encryption are to the users, but some damage is done to the law enforcement agency. Because of this, due to misinformation, fakes news and rumors can not come in the spread. The IT ministry has propounded a guideline for social media companies in which there is an exercise to stop such messages.

The overall thing is that Whatsapp does not know from India. Because the company has not said anything about this yet. As always, the company says that the company is taking steps to stop Fake News and rumors and now the machine learning system has also been prepared for it.

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